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Technically the business began in December 2017, although I still had a partnership with Andy through 2020.  I would say for credibility’s sake we go with “ In business since 2017” rather than “just got my license this year”. Basically, I have run all field operations on Andy’s side since about 2015, with incrementally growing responsibilities each year to the point that we did several jobs that he never even visited towards the end. Clients were shocked that it wasn’t my company if they found out (not in a bad way, just that I was the point man). The main difference now is that I get to do all of the crappy office work and pay all the insurance and licensing invoices in addition to field operations that I always did.

The perfect Partnership

Speas Interior Design

Speas Interior Design is a powerhouse design team located in Colorado Springs. Heyden & Co. partners with the incredibly talented group to custom design and plan incredible spaces that are unique and personalized, yet timeless.

Our partnership allows us to seamlessly communicate and execute all of our remodels with attention to detail and provide the highest quality results.

Speas Interior Design


What’s it like to work with us

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