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Custom Home Remodeling

Heyden & Co. provides complete renovation services – from design and planning to fruition.

As a premium contractor, Heyden & Co. specializes in large-scale, custom remodels and excels with specialty work that provides modern functionality with timeless beauty.

Our services include, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, master suites, entire home remodels, custom-designed spaces, and more for your home.

Heyden & Co. values the partnership with homeowners to bring their unique styles and vision to life.

As a trusted, custom home remodeling contractor, we have been serving Southern Colorado since 2017. We have the pleasure of working alongside homeowners in some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Colorado Springs including Kissing Camels, Cedar Heights, and Broadmoore.

Let us elevate your home.

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We are routinely within 1% of the quoted price.

Luxurious & Modern Home Remodels

Heyden & Co. values the partnership with clients to bring their unique styles and vision to life for their homes. View our work.



What’s it like to work with us

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A remodel is an experience & we want to make it a positive one.

During a renovation, your home is the job site, and in most cases, you’re living through the construction process. We pride ourselves on our cleanliness and attention to detail to ensure that you and your home are taken care of during your renovation.

Creative Partnership

Speas Interior Design

Speas Interior Design is a powerhouse design team located in Colorado Springs. Heyden & Co. partners with the incredibly talented group to custom design and plan incredible spaces that are unique and personalized, yet timeless.

Our partnership allows us to seamlessly communicate and execute all of our remodels with attention to detail and provide the highest quality results.

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